Gain a competitive advantage with fireplaces!

Offer Homebuyers their Top-Desired Decorative Product: Fireplaces

  • All homebuyers, across every income and region rank both indoor and outdoor fireplaces as one of the most important decorative features in a new home.1-5
  • All homebuyers, across every age group (Millennials, Gen-X and Baby Boomers) rank indoor and outdoor fireplaces as a top new home feature.6

Improve Homebuyer Satisfaction for your Entry, Move-up and Luxury Homebuyers

  • Ensure the right fireplace specification Different homebuyer types want different fireplace solutions. With our industry-leading fireplace portfolio and latest consumer insights, we can help you meet the fireplace design and styling needs for each of your homebuyer types.
  • Full breadth of fireplace and hearth products and accessories We can recommend the right product for your various home plans and price points.

Increase Profits within your Current Sales Process

  • Gain a market advantage Adding fireplaces differentiates your home plans with a focal point of design, and increases your home’s appraised value.1-6, 7
  • Increase profits in your standard and option sales process We make it easy for you by offering a proven and simple system, ensuring the right fireplace specification, and sales tools, for your design, construction and sales teams.10

Sell More Homes and Increase Your Referrals

  • Sell more homes Connect with your homebuyers! Fireplaces are a key design and emotional sales feature that drives homebuyer satisfaction and sales.1-6
  • Increase your referrals Homebuyers want to personalize and are willing to pay for fireplace options and accessories. We make it easy for you to help educate them and sell with proven sales support and tools.8-10

Deliver Homes on Time and at Best Total Costs

  • Deliver homes on time with the strongest network of factory-trained installing distributors and install best practices (minimizing callbacks or delays), ensuring installation is correct, the first time, and every time.
  • Best Total Costs with our Shingo award-winning manufacturing and 99.5% complete-to-promise lean value chain.

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10 HHT can provide you customized sales tools, model home brochures and websites for your sales process and for homebuyer to easily see and choose your fireplace options.