Bringing your specifications to life

This fireplace selection guide makes it easy for you to find and specify the correct fireplaces for your projects. As the Hearth Experts™, we’ve collaborated with builders, architects and design professionals like you, around three key architectural principles to ensure your clients are fully satisfied and to improve your referrals. *

*The Golden Ratio, Renaissance Theories, Quadrature Method of Harmonious Design

  • Learn more about other key design considerations when creating unique & innovative specifications for your clients.
  • Get a simple overview to easily find the “right” fireplace across our various series of fireplaces to best meet your entry, move-up or custom homebuyer’s different wants and needs.

Key Design Questions

Answering these six simple questions below will help you find the best product series and model that best fits your project (Select all that apply).

Where in Home

Room Size

Matching Product Series Found